A Mother’s Heartfelt Thank You

Angel MedFlight Jet - Testimonial from Patient

Angel MedFlight Jet – Testimonial from Patient

Scottsdale, AZ – February 4, 2015

Dear Staff of Angel MedFlight:

My family and I wanted to take a moment and express our gratitude for the help you gave us when there was nowhere else to turn.

Reagan is 16 years old and has suffered severely for 11 years with Chronic Hereditary Pancreatitis. She was in the hospital at Levine’s Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC on her 6th hospital stay of the year. She was in horrific pain and nothing the team at Levine did was helping. She would spend hours screaming for help and getting very little pain relief from the large amount of pain medicines she was receiving. She had not eaten in 15 days, and was receiving nutrition through a port in her chest.

On January 7, 2015; Reagan underwent an ERCP to see if her pancreas was draining. It was not, in fact the duct was completely sealed. This left Reagan with no way of getting better while at Levine. There was however, a program in Minneapolis, Minnesota that has had great success with removing the pancreas and transplanting the insulin cells into the liver.

The problem was how to get Reagan to Minnesota. She was too sick to drive the 15 hours necessary to get there and much too sick and in too much pain to fly commercially. Having felt as if there was no hope, I, Reagan’s mother, began researching medical flights. I came across a web site for Angel Med Flight. After reading many wonderful testimonials, I filled out an on line application. Within, the hour I received an email from the company asking me to call. Once I spoke with Wendy at Angel MedFlight and verified the insurance information and doctor contact information, they took it from there.

In less than 48 hours, I was notified that they would indeed take Reagan to Minnesota. A hopeless situation had suddenly become hopeful, many happy tears were spilled.

On the day of the flight, Reagan was in a large amount of pain. The flight nurse and paramedic came into the room with their stretcher and immediately began taking care of Reagan. It has been our experience, and others with this disease that often health care workers fail to comprehend just how excruciatingly painful Chronic Pancreatitis is, especially during an acute flare. The paramedic and nurse, immediately accessed her pain level and took care of her feeding tubes.

Angel Med flight took care of everything. They picked us up at the hospital, right beside Reagan’s bed and using the hospital’s ambulance, took us to the airport. There we boarded a private plane. It was small and incredibly fast. The trip would have taken at least 6 hours by commercial flight, including driving to and from the airport, but we made this trip in under 3 hours. On the flight, Reagan’s pain medicine came due and the nurse was able to administer her pain medicine. Reagan was able to lay down, and even fell asleep.

After arriving in Minnesota, we boarded the Minnesota hospital’s ambulance and the nurse and paramedic came with us. They took care of Reagan in the ambulance, administering more pain medicine as the very rough roads made her pain so much worse. Upon arrival at the Children’s Hospital in Minnesota, the team continued to take care of Reagan right up to taking Reagan to her new room, putting her in her new bed, and then made sure the hospital nurse had all the information before they left. When the website says they offer bedside to beside service, they mean it.

I am in complete awe of this company. Everyone from Wendy, Nicole and Terria who handled the phone calls and insurance, to Carl who made sure I got all the forms completed correctly and turned in on time. Then there were the pilots, Paolo and William, who were very competent, professional and friendly. Finally, there was Chaleece Caldwell (nurse) and Christopher Smith (paramedic) who took such wonderful care of Reagan. Never did they treat her like she wasn’t as sick as someone with an illness that was visible. They recognized this illness as just as horrific and understood this was the only way to humanely transfer this child from one hospital to the next.

Mrs. Caldwell was so friendly. She spoke with me the whole trip and kept a close eye on Reagan. Mr. Smith kept an eye on Reagan’s vital signs and made sure all the paperwork was handled. I just can’t say enough about this service and their staff.

Once we arrived in Minnesota, they discovered the reason for Reagan’s pain being out of control and were able to help her. She also passed the evaluation for this life saving, definitely life-changing operation. She isn’t strong enough for the operation right now, but will come back to Minnesota in 6 weeks to undergo the procedure. We know that without Angel MedFlight we wouldn’t have our little girl able to smile again or have the promise to a better life one day. Thank you from the bottom of hearts. God bless each of you, and please let me know if I can do anything to further your cause.



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